DRAWINGS (Ted Geary drawings and plans)

Pirate Pond Boat: A single sheet plan for building the 39" sailing model of PIRATE. designed in 1927, construction is simple bread-and-butter method. Plan includes sections, rigging plan and sail plan, templates for lifts and profile full-scale. $25

Olympic: A 1"=1' model of a six-meter yacht, 36" long. This boat was designed at Geary's Los Angeles office in 1932 to commemorate the Olympic Games held in L.A. that year. The six-meters and eight-meters were two big keel boat classes at the games. Bread-and-butter construction, full scale lifys and profile. A very good print with helpful rigging details. $20

Class C model yacht: Designed by Geary in 1922, this monster is 72" long! No sail plan on drawing but a total sail area of 220 sq. in. is calculated. Graceful sheerline and lovely long overhangs. A classic. Full scale drawing. $30

s/y PIRATE plans: Beautiful sharp prints scanned from two original ink drawings for the 39' R-boat PIRATE. Excellent examples of Geary's meticulous drafting style. The sail plan (1/2"=1') includes the original rigging and outboard profile of this famous racer. The construction drawing (1"=1') shows inboard profile and plan views as well as deck plan. Two drawing set. $50



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Item Size Price each Quatity Subtotal
Pirate Pond Boat Model Drawings
(includes reprints from 1927 Los Angeles Evening Herald)
$25 ______ $_______
Olympic, International Six-Metre Pond Model Drawing $20 ______ $_______
Class C Pond Model Yacht, 72" long Drawing $30 ______ $_______
Pirate Drawing Prints.
(two sheets, suitable for framing)
$50 ______ $_______
______ TOTAL

Please make all checks payable to "The Pirate Committee at CWB"

All proceeds go to toward the restoration of Pirate.
Washington State Sales Tax and shipping included.
Allow three weeks for delivery