Restoration of Pirate

The restoration of Pirate began in the autumn of 1999. The initial work of removing the interior, deck house and deck were performed while she remained in the water. Subsequently Pirate was hauled and her bottom scraped in preperation to replacing most of her frames. The images on the pages below document in detail the steps which were undertaken during the restoration. Up until December 2002 work was performed at The Boatwright shop, 1150 1/2 NW 46th Street, Seattle in the Ballard neighborhood. She was successfully re-launched at Seaview East Boatyard on Feb. 22, 2003. Subsequent work was performed in the water at The Center for Wooden Boats. She resides there today, offering public sailing every Sunday from May through October. Feel free to contact Scott Rohrer <> if you want to check our schedule and visit Pirate.

  1. Original exterior condition.
  2. Original interior condition.
  3. Removing the deck house and deck.
  4. On the hard, scraping paint off the hull.
  5. Lengthening and refinishing the mast
  6. Initial work in the shop
  7. New deck beams fore and aft
  8. Garboard repairs, deck beams and forestay blocking
  9. Plank repair and beginning of the new cockpit.
  10. New floors, carlins, stringers, hatch and mast partner
  11. New mast step and compression posts, restored knees.
  12. Moving to Seaview East and preping the hull
  13. Finishing the hull and then back in the water
  14. The trip home to The Center for Wooden Boats
  15. Under cover at CWB with a new cabin
  16. Installing the inner layer of planking on the cabin top
  17. Fitting the teak deck
  18. Caulking the teak deck
  19. Installing the canvas deck and trim on the cabin top
  20. It's finished. The rechristening and on display at The Center for Wooden Boats