Syndicate Members, Contributors and Volunteers

Twenty-two syndicate donors and eleven additional significant donors facilitated the acquisition of Pirate to bring this vessel, with an outstanding northwest heritage, to the Center for Wooden Boats. This novel approach to acquiring and restoring northwest vessels for the CWB is being pioneered by a team of donors and volunteers. Restoration work was begun in the winter of 1999. We expect to have her back in the water in summer 2002. 

Pirate Syndicate

Additional Contributors

Kim and Susan Bottles

Dr. Daryl Dahlgard

Mr. Tom Dyer

Ms. Lin Folsom

Mrs. Sharon Gee

Mr. Charles W. Guildner

Mr. Larry E. Johnson, Treasurer

Mr. Gilbert Joynt,
Pres. Puget Sound Maritime Historical Soc.

Mr. David G. Kelly

Mr. John Kelly

Mr. Mark S. Laura

Mrs. Sally Laura

Mr. Howard Miller

Mr. Michael Murray

Mr. Michael R. Rancourt

Mr. Ron Reisner, CMS

Mrs. Karen A. Rohrer

Mr. Tom Speer

Mr. Bill Van Vlack

Mr. Chip Wall

Mr. Chipps Whipple

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wilson



Joe Cable

Nick Carey

Roger Coulter

Max Denise

Dan Firor

David Kennedy

Steve Kinnaman

Rik Langendoen

Paul Marlow

Howard Miller

The Merrit Adamson Trust

Mr. Tom Alberg

Mr. Douglas D. Adkins

Art & Soul Photography

Associated Boat Transport, Inc.

Mr. John Asuncion,
The Blue Whale Sailing School

Mrs. H. A. Ayers (Sally)

Mr.Webster Augustine

Mr. Will Blethen

Mr. Lester Books

Mr. William H. Buchan

Mr. Earl Boebert
US Vintage Model Yacht Group

Mr. William Brandt
Schooner Suva

Jay & Diana Broze
Cape Flattery Foundation

Mr. Joe Cable & Barbara Lewis

Robert and Molly Cadranell
Cadranell's Yacht Landing

Jack Christiansen and Hank Thayer
North Sails

Betsy Davis

Mr. Paul Dorpat
The Seattle Times

Everett Scan Center,
Boeing Aircraft Company

Edensaw Woods Ltd.

The Enersen Family Trust

Mr. Ted Frantz

Tom and Elizabeth Gregerson

Pat Haskett
Sea Commander Studios

Mr. Steve Hathaway
California Yacht Club

Mrs. Anne Gould Hauberg

Mr. Norman L. Havercroft
Marine Documentation Service

Mr. Frederick W.Hayes

Mr. Robert M. Helsell

Interwestern Sales, Inc. (exlusive Paint Sponsor to Pirate)
Steve Saunders & Phil Stone

Dr. David B. Jones

Mr. Bob Leamer
Marine Artisans Group

Ms. Helen Lee

Mr. Robert Long

The Lucky Seven Foundation
The Family of Mr. Manson Backus

Marine Construction & Equipment

Mariner's General Insurance Group

Mr. Bruce McCaw

Mr. Stephen L. Morel
Ballard Pattern and Brass Foundery

National Assoc. of Marine Surveyors
Seattle Chapter

Mr. Francis Pelly

Mr. Gerald Parker
Dudley Boat Transportation, Inc.

The St. Paul Fire & Casualty Co.

Port Townsend Rigging

Ms. Victoria Quinn

Mr. Tim Reagan
Traditional Boat Caulking

Mr. Brad Rice
The Boatwright

Mr. Richard Robbins

Ms Missy Jones Ross

Seattle Yacht Club Women's Group

Mrs. Victoria Sheldon

Mr. Stuart Sumner

Mr. Jan Sjunneson

Mr. Carl Sutter
Fisheries Supply Co.

Teak Decking Systems (TDS)
Sarasota Fl.

Dan Turner
Master Carpenter

Mrs. Katherine Burns Vaughan

Mr. Mark Vander Boll

Mr. Rick Young
Alrus Machine Shop

Walrus Machine

Mr. Robert Denny Watt

Mr. Mark Weiner
University Swaging Corp.

Mr. Jeff Wright

The Wyman Youth Trust

Mr. William "Trip" Zabriske